I’m Excited


I’m rather excited to start work on Friday. I’m no longer in shock that I got the job on the spot. But for the first few days after my job interview I was shell-shocked for sure, amazed and extremely thrilled. I’m still thrilled and now it’s more excited than anything else. I found out its part-time to start which suits me just fine. Though I probably will not be blogging as much as I have in the past but that makes sense since I will be busy through out the day and if anything will most likely leave blogging to evenings when I have some time.

I’m also excited because I have wanted to work at this small clothing boutique for many years and the simple fact it’s not a huge store heck there is only one of this store in my city is perfect. I mean it’s not a huge chain of stores say like Winner’s or that sort of thing. Also it will be fun to be working with other sales staff that are around my height. For once I won’t feel like the odd one out haha.

I’m also excited because it’s down town which is where I love. I also love how it’s so easy to get too with taking the bus to work and the bus home. Both bus stops are only a block from each other and a block to work. Two blocks to work and one block to get the bus home. It’s perfect. I think I’m also excited because I got the job all by my self with no help. I always thought if I ever got the chance to have another interview I would do things differently than the one I had in the summer time. Lucky for me the woman who is now my new manager that I saw last week was completely different then the one in the summer that I had the interview with.

I’m also excited to learn new things such as cash and working with a team of ladies. And working with costumers on the taller end of the scale. And working with fashion and foot wear and of course I can’t forget but being dressed in the fashion as well. And knowing everything that I wear will fit my taller frame. Unlike working in a clothing store where Id be lucky if anything fit haha.

I think above anything else though I’m excited to be doing something with my day’s. Right now I’m not working so I have a lot of time on my hands and I fill my days by waking up, taking a shower, eating breakfast, feed the dogs let them out, read a little, watch some tv, do laundry if I have any to do. Then eat lunch then come to my room and do a workout, Then blog a little, while the radio is on. Then watch some tv in my room sometimes while the dogs nap on my bed, then let them out then watch tv in the living room wait for my folks to get home. Then feed the dogs, Sometimes I mix it up and go shopping, Then watch some more tv in the evening. Some Friday’s I’ll go out with my friend for drinks, As well spend time with my boyfriend on the days he’s not at work in the evenings.

So it will be nice to do something get out there in the public and work with people and sell some fashion and have more of a meaning. I have a really awesome feeling about this job and I know I will do really well at it. If I can lose weight, stop smoking, grow my hair out. I can do amazing at this job that I have been dreaming of getting for ever.

Cheers to having more of a meaning and thinking positively.

Over & Out


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