When To Leave Online Dating

Since getting back with my boyfriend we had spoken about leaving our accounts up on the website we met from and went back to but putting each others ads to list as friends. But really I think to really give the relationship a chance and any relationship a chance if meeting off-line is not to just disable the account but to remove the entire thing completely. Sure you can say looking for friends but in all honestly why have the temptation at your finger tips. I don’t think people who are on-line are really looking for friendships. Sure maybe some are like 5% but the rest are looking for either a sexual hook-up or more.

So while he was at my house last night I had him log into his account on my laptop. I had told him to change his info on his account to say seeing someone but then I turned to him and said is there really any point in having the account while we are getting things back on track with us. He agreed and we both deleted our accounts in front of each other. Now when you delete you’re account on Okcupid it’s gone.

You can’t get it back at all unless you just disable it but what’s the point in that. You’re just not giving it a real chance if you disable it. To really give I think any relationship a chance you really need to just do that. These dating sites are so easy to re join down the road if say it really does not work out between the couple. So really it’s not a huge deal if you call it quits at that time.

I’m so glad my boyfriend and I are back together. We really are a good match and I’m lucky to have him. No relationship is perfect just like no one person is perfect. And the few things I had a hard time with have been amazingly improved like ten fold. And we love each other a lot which is the most important thing.

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