First Day Of Work


So yesterday was my first day at LTS. The photo above I took on my break also the scarf and top is new. Amazingly you get to get a few things when you start which is part of your clothing allowance. I was able to pick out three tops a pair of black dress pants some shoes and that scarf. The interesting thing is you get a clothing allowance every few months which has to be filled you can’t transfer some of it from month to month. And once that season is over you can’t wear it back to work. So that is interesting to me but it makes sense.

A lot of information I learned yesterday and a lot of info I have forgotten lol. But the nice thing is they don’t expect me to know everything right off the bat. Nor do they want me to get stressed out which is also great. My day yesterday felt to me like it went by pretty quickly. Which was nice I think it also helped me because there are no major clocks in the store except on the cash computer.

I really like my manager and the staff are all friendly. I was able to work with some costumers to and that was a great experience. Though I need to work on asking more questions but that will come with time. Any who it was good. And today I’m covering for someone thankfully it’s only a 3.5 shift from 3 to 6:30pm Then back in tomorrow from 10am to 5pm. Monday I have off yay and then back at it Tuesday Wed and Thursday which will all be long shifts but that’s cause they are re working the store.

So far I like it ask me next week and it could change haha kidding just kidding LOL.

Chat laters

Over & Out.


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