Some Shitty News & Some Good News

So first I’ll share the shitty news. Today was my last day of working at LTS turns out I’m not cut out for retail. Nor am I cut out to be worked like a full-time person when I was hired for part-time but whatever. I think this was my shortest job ever only really working two days. Mentally I’m drained and though I thought working there was my dream job it really was not a dream I ever wish to have again. I thought I was ready but it turns out that is not the case. My anxiety kicked in full tilt ahead and this morning the water works came flying out in front of the manager which I had hope would not happen but it did.

I had told her I am on disability for a number of reasons it’s a form of government assistance, Here in Ontario it’s called ODSP also known as Ontario Disability Support Program for people with physical and mental disability’s. She knew this before giving me the job. But then when I had spoken about the crazy hours next week if we could shorten them and her basically saying sorry I can’t it was like wtf. She also said what would you do if a costumer came in to the store and was angry how would you handle it if I was busy and another staff member was unavailable what would you do?. I said I have no idea I can’t handle something like that like hello I just started.

Anyways she said it’s up to you and so I said ya I don’t think this is the job for me thanks but I just can’t handle this right now. This morning was not good for me at all. I shed some tears as I spoke to the manager and I did a lot of crying on the way to the bus talking to my mom on the phone after I left work and when I got home I really let it out. Id like to give a big shout out to my amazing boyfriend for being there for me today. As well as my mother and father love you guys.

Now on to the good news

I plan to start-up my wig business again next year at least with that it’s not as stressful. I can work my own hours at my own pace and it’s pretty easy to do. I plan to do things differently the second time around. And only sell one brand for a year and take it slow.

Where my brother works it was his Christmas Party. And so I was able to get all dolled up and go to that tonight. I was also able to get someone to take a family photo of the four of us. For a while now I have been bugging my parents and brother for a family photo of all of us dressed up nice and doing a family photo. There was one that was taken this past summer but were just all casual which is still nice but this one beats it out I think. As well a nice selfie shot I got of me and my big brother so I will share both of those below.


My big brother & I


Over & Out


6 thoughts on “Some Shitty News & Some Good News

  1. I’m so sorry things didn’t go as planned but maybe if u didn’t have that awful experience u wouldn’t have been as motivated to start up your own business again…at least you’re looking at alternatives and being positive about the situation. It’ll all work out Lana and great pictures ☺️💜💛

  2. Sorry the job didn’t work out – I too have gotten those retail jobs where they tell you one thing (part-time job) then immediately start scheduling you for full-time work. I worked for one day at Barnes & Noble long time ago – they had scheduled me to work a night shift which didn’t end until after midnight because the store stayed open until 11 PM and then we had to straighten books for an hour. I was then supposed to be off Sunday, but I found out right before I left (at midnight, remember) that they’d changed my schedule at the last minute and now had me coming in a 7 AM the next morning! WTF? I just worked until midnight and they had like, tons of part-time employees, so why did they schedule someone to come in at 7 who’d worked until midnight the previous shift? They said someone with seniority over me needed Sunday off…well, I knew when I left that night that I wouldn’t be going in the next day, screw that. I didn’t even bother to tell them I was quitting, just never showed up. Buncha a-holes, in my opinion. LOL. Best decision I made to just say forget that crummy job!

    1. LOL. Ya I thought the way things went down were not that great. All I know right now I’m taking one day at a time and my thighs are still oh so very sore from those two days of all that standing ugh. Sometimes what you think is a dream to do turns out to be a nightmare

      1. A lot of those retail jobs are practically slave labor – honestly, you would have better luck in a large department store. They are much more organized, and schedules tend to be more regulated and set. I worked at a small store and schedules were all over the place. I worked at big dept. stores later (Macy’s and Dillard’s) and you were given a schedule when you started and that is what you worked EVERY WEEK, unless you volunteered for overtime. Work hours were set, when you got a lunch was set, and in general it was never as busy as a small store, with more employees. I really enjoyed working both places. Much more stability.

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