Being Sick Sucks

So at this very moment I’m dealing with a cold of some sort. I believe my mother gave it to me how nice right?. It’s like ahead cold with s stuffed up nose and a not so nice cough. And lucky us right before Christmas. Shes also not well and on top of that my brother is also sick he came to visit for Sunday dinner and he’s got like laryngitis or something any who I sure hope I don’t get that. But my voice sure as hell does not sound cute that I do know lol.

Any who I managed to do some laundry today and wrap all the Christmas gifts that I had to wrap up. The worst thing about being sick is that your whole body hurts. I also got in my new wig that I had ordered. It’s the Amber wig by Jon Renau in a color 6 which is very similar in color to the Dark Chocolate by Noriko. It turns out it has more hair than the Shilo but the length is very close. So I plan to wear one for a more curled look and one more straight for another look. I also used a flat-iron to fix the Shilo since it’s mainly a straight wig I just ran it through my flat-iron on a low setting to smooth out the kinks. It looks brand new now.

As for the Amber wig it does not come with a bang at all really so I cut one into it. As careful as possible. Also my wig came with a small bald spot near the front of the lace front. So what I did I used my tweezers to tweak the lace front so it does not look so perfect and it looks a little more realistic now. I’ll do a full review of the wig when I’m feeling better. Moving on here is the before and after of my bang alteration.

Left as it comes / Right after bang trim

10432483_10154929562995587_3330859038412610438_n 10885421_10154929563020587_8861889154571732135_n

Over & Out


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