Having hair problems

So I don’t need any thinning of my bangs now. And no I’m not laughing as I write this one out. I’ve pulled my hair more then 40 hairs I’m sure. One of the things that freaks me out when I have already done some damage is if I don’t shave my head that more damage can easily be done because I’ve left hair on my head.

This second batch of damage is not overly noticeable that I can see really. And I’m only like two days away from getting a hair trim. Part of me really wants to shave my head because if any more pulling happens that’s what will most likely happen so I’m not left with even a bigger bald spot or spots then what is already there.

But if I leave the hair on my head what is remaining then my hair will grow longer. I fucking can’t stand this fucking cycle. Grow hair trich comes to ruin it, shave head start all over again for it to happen again. And again and again.

When I just keep shaving my head and not worry about growing it out and just wear wigs it’s fine I don’t pull and trich does not show his ugly face. And the hat trick that was working is not working as much as it was in the beginning. So that is also a downer.

At this rate I just want to shave my head and keep what hair follicles left in tact in my head. Ugh I hate having trich.

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