Using A Bluetooth Key Board

So the one I bought a while ago I installed just now and I have to say it was really easy to do. That being said it’s really easy to type on as well and because I don’t use all my fingers to type with anyways its easy for me. even though the key board is small for me its perfect for what I need it for.

I would recommend this key board for people and heck I don’t think you need to have small hands to use it. Because I sure as hell don’t haha anyway this posting is being done on my bluetooth key board. I bought mine from Amazon which you can get Here . And the best part about this keyboard it fits my iPad mini 3 perfectly it is not lose at all it does not move around and it’s just perfect for what I need it for.

I can see using it a lot for what I need it for and for blogging for sure. Even though the screen is smaller than my laptop but so far its pretty simple to do. Also for the amount of money some of the more pricey bluetooth keyboards are I think this is well worth it for the little amount of money I paid for. Also the fact that the keyboard can be removed and the case becomes just that a case you get like a 3 in one combo plus it has a little kick stand on the back when typing so its perfect.

The fact that I’m typing on this keyboard for this whole review just speaks volumes right there. So if you have an iPad mini and want a great bluetooth keyboard and a super cute case what you waiting for get this one. It will be money well spent in my books.


Over & Out


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