High Heel Shoe Chair


So I finally bought one of these. I have wanted one of these since I found out about them. The color I ordered is the one above the red and black. The one furniture store was having a sale and was selling it for $99.00 they retail from any where from $199 and up. Of course some places may have it cheaper but not that I have found in Canada. Any who after seeing that price I had to have one.

I’ll be putting it in my room and the chair that I have here now will go to the basement. I have a shoe theme going on with some house wear stuff such as my bottle opener and wine bottle holder. I also have a cell phone holder in the shape of a high heel as well a ring holder.

But because most of my bedroom has Marilyn Monroe things such as my throw blanket my throw pillow and the many photo’s on the walls. It makes sense to have a chair like this. Plus how much girly can you get with a chair such as this right?.

I was going to wait to post about it so I could take photo’s of the chair but I may just add them in later. Or write-up a following post to it. It’s a good size chair the dimensions are as follows.

Width : 39.5″
Depth : 19.8″
Height : 39.5″

So it’s a pretty decent size and perfect for what I want it for. Also when I do move out of my parents house it will make a really fun piece in a livingroom as well a great conversational piece. You can get them in many different color combinations but I love the black and red hence red being a Scorpio color. I also have a red love seat in a micro suede fabric that is in the basement right now.

The only three things I need now to complete my bedroom is some new bedding from Ikea this duvet cover with shams that I want as well this amazing tall mirror and a fabric headboard. And then my room will be finished.

Let me know what you all think of the chair. Would you have something like that in you’re bedroom or other? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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