Loving My Ipad Mini & BlueTooth Key Board


Ok so I have to write about my newest love which is my iPad mini 3 and this bluetooth key board. I have been using this way more in fact every blog post I have done which has been about 5 or so has been with both the iPad and keyboard. I have not used my laptop at all. And really you get used to the size of both things the screen and the keyboard. I charged the keyboard like a few months back when I got it of course turned it off and never used it and till my iPad came in. And I have yet to charge it a second time.


I also turn it off after each use and only really use it when I want to blog. Or write something long out. They say the charge can last up to 4 hours or something but I’m pretty sure I have used it way more than 4 hours but whatever for the amount of money I spent on it Im super thrilled with it. Though I do have to say there is one key on the board here that is below the left shift key its a Fn key and you use it if you want to get the ‘ or use the play buttons and what not other wise the shift button works for everything else. But it took me ten minutes to figure that out lol.

Now of course I know what ever key does. I also like the keyboard because when your typing on it a little blue light stays on but when you stop typing it no longer glows after a few seconds. Also when you have caps lock on a blue light stays on. And when you want to charge it a red light will stay on and till its fully charged then it will go off and that is how you know its fully charged. It’s also very simple to connect to your iPad just go into bluetooth and switch on then turn on the keyboard by putting it to on a little switch and press the connect button which you only have to do once.

Though I do find it easier to blog by going to the main site of WordPress not so much the app. But that is just what I like to do of course haha. So ya this keyboard cost way less than some of the other more expensive ones out there. I’m not sure how long this will last for but for the price I paid I would get another one just like it.

To get the one I have Click ME

Over & Out


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