It’s not spoken about much and people tend to shy away from this topic and most don’t even like to talk about it. But mental health is huge right now. Also many people suffer from it and it tends to be hugely popular with the trans community.

I can at the very moment say that I am depression free. Though I had depression for many years and was pretty medicated for it as well. The only thing I really suffer from these days is anxiety. I am not taking medication for it because I don’t care to feel like a zombie. That is how I felt when I was medicated.

I do find working out puts me in a much better mood and I think that is one of the reasons I choose to workout every single day. I also feel better when I do. But back to the depression it had got so bad that I thought the only way out was suicide. Of course I am very thankful that I was not successful. And it really does get better. Things do get better and there is light at the end of that dark tunnel you just have to hold out.

From what I know from reading about depression is that it can come back. I just hope that it does not show its ugly face around me ever again. I do think for some people medication works if it gets that bad please ask for help because it is available. But also positive thoughts I think also help, the worst thing a person can do who is suffering from depression is your own negative thoughts so keep them out of your thinking pattern.

Depression is more commen than people think. Please talk to friends or family before you do anything major. And ask for help because it is out there for you.

It Gets Better

Over & Out


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