Loving This Glam Headboard

Any woman I think would really love this if they were looking for a glam headboard. While I was on wayfair.com I found this lovely headboard it comes in black and white. It’s tufted and has crystals on it. P.S. if you click the link it will send you right to this headboard, you’re welcome Hehe.



I have a lot of black and white in my room with my crystal lamp and it has a black shade as well as the many B&W photo’s of Miss Marilyn Monroe. And my soon to be red and black high heel shoe chair. This headboard or really any black headboard with the crystal detailing would look great.

There is also another black headboard I found its similar in color and has the crystals on the tufted part. Of course it’s not as pretty but I would be just as happy with it.



Both headboard’s would give me the look I’m going for. I was at Home Sense a while ago last year sometime and my mother and I were in the checkout line and I saw a huge black headboard with the same type of crystal detail and I really fell in love with that. So when I found these on wayfair I thought it sparkles. I have a huge problem with sparkly things lol I just love it and or mirrored furniture it screams glam to me.

Then again I think these headboard’s would be great for any age and the reviews for the most part on both of these are positive. So that is a good thing. I guess if one really wanted to you could just make it your self but I think id rather just buy one already made and love it even more.

So hopefully by the time I go to order one they will still be in stock, which wont be till at least April. But it’s something to work towards.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it.

Happy headboard shopping

Over & Out



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