Really Liking This New Workout App “Seven”

If you did not read my last post about “Seven” Go check it out. That being said I’m really enjoying this workout. I did try to do the 15:50 workout but it was a tad too much for me just yet. But I’m really enjoying the workout as well the results I’m seeing from it which is pretty quick.

I was watching Live with Kelly & Micheal yesterday and they had a trainer guy on there Chris Powell and he showed how to do what he called baby push ups for people who don’t have a lot of upper body strength. If you go on their site you will see what I’m talking about. It’s the Chris Powell Workout you want to watch.

Any who the beginner push up is so easy. And something I can do to workup to a more advanced push up which is just the knees on the ground then I can workup to advanced which is a push-up using your toes.

This is what I mean for the baby pushups / beginner



It’s a snap shot of my tv, I recorded the segment so I know how to do all three push-ups. Loving my iPad for this. Back to my post about the workout app. So I’m really enjoying the 7:50 min workout. I do sweat when using it. It will be really cool to see the results in 7 months. Though I am seeing some now.

I did step on my scale yesterday to see what I was at and I’m 162.8 pounds. Before Christmas I was 2 pounds lighter but I think that was due to stress. Since then I have gained the two back. But I’m no longer all about having to weigh my self all the time. I’m pretty sure My weight will stay around the 160s range which is pretty awesome.

I still do wear my extra-large t-shirts around the house cause I have yet to replace a lot of my clothing. I did get a few pieces when I got that short-lived job at LTS. I got two tunics and a causal t. Both in size small and a new pair of black dress pants in a size 4.

At some point I need to go to Old Navy and try on some size 4 jeans because I have a feeling that is the size I will be in their jeans. I’m still wearing my size 8 jeans from Old Navy. Again to lazy to buy new jeans though they are way to big on me so I guess that means I am a size 4. Heck most jeans these days have spandex in them so even a size 4 will stretch a tad.

I think it’s crazy that I can even fit into a size 4. Never did I imagine in a million years that I would ever fit into not just a size 4 but a small in LTS clothing. Heck I could probably fit into a small in other clothing such as Old Navy though I think a medium would fit well too I’m sure.

In total I have lost 76lbs how crazy is that lol. I’m back to being as slender as I was back in my mid 20’s. And that just seems like such a long time ago. It really is true if your dedicated in changing your life style of eating and working out then you too can lose weight.

Though I have a feeling I will probably have to replace most of my summer clothing if not 80% of it. And because I do enjoy Old Navy clothing so much I will most likely be shopping from there with maybe a few key pieces from LTS. That is at least a $1000 bucks right there on a new wardrobe. Of course I will see if I can get my favorite pieces tailored. Because I do have some great items id like to keep and just have re worked for this new body of mine.

But some of the summer dresses I bought at Old Navy I can always just get new ones since I did not pay much for the ones I have. So that is fine. Plus a persons tastes sometimes change so what I was drawn to last Summer I may not like now. Though I wont know and till I go into my closet and look right and try on hehe.

I wish I had my own personal seamstress lol okay okay that is asking for too much but would it not be great when you lose weight and need your clothing done for free LMAO it would save me tons.

Any who my goal this year is to get more toned. Now that I have lost all the weight now I need to tone up my little tiny muscles. Oh and get some new threads.

Over & Out


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