Hair Growth Journey

Basically it’s with photo’s the first from the very beginning up and till last month and every where in-between. Enjoy the look back haha.

Picture0488 1508642_10154139901605587_3866701586794554707_n 10481948_10154264286130587_7651323441371845870_n 10417535_10154302029275587_8366396696494751280_n

image IMG_2447

image (10) image (3)

IMG_2970-1 image1 (2)

1958275_10154889765780587_5379730556456525324_n image


My hair has taken a long time to grow and get to where it is today. And my goal is to grow it to at least down to my boobs or better yet the middle of my back. If I keep doing what I’m doing and using good products on my hair then I know in no time it will get there. With getting the ends trimmed every few months and my roots touched up I’ll have the hair I have always dreamed of.

What a crazy ride this hair growth journey has been. It’s finally at a length I feel good about and can now choose to rock a wig if I want too or not. Also I will be coloring my hair extensions soon so they match my current hair color and will do a post on that in the coming weeks.

Thanks for following along on my hair journey.

Over & Out


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