Spring Cleaning My Closet in Jan

So earlier today I went through some of my clothing in my closet and tried things on to see what fit and what did not. I also did that just now of the remaining part of my closet. And Id say about 70% no longer fits as in its to big on me. It does not sit well nor complement my new body shape.

Some things I told my mother to try on because some of it will fit her most likely. But other things will not and I have a few people in mind who might be able to benefit from my clothing purge but if they don’t want it then it will be donated. I also have about 7 pairs of pants such as jeans and what not that are way to big on me and of I can give them to someone great other wise they are also getting donated. I have 5 pairs of jeans from a size 14 down to a size 12 and I might just purge my size 8 jeans once I get a smaller size. I have a great pair of white jeans and they are soft but again to big for me now.

Also this great red dress but again in a size 14. I also have this other great dress I’ve been holding on to but its a size 18 I know why am I holding on to it because I did fit into it once and then gained weight so I held on to it in the hopes of fitting back into it and then I lost all the weight and now it has to go to someone else. I had also bought this fun dress last summer from Old Navy its a bright white and pink number with a flower pattern all over it. But that to no longer fits that great and its meant for someone with hips and I don’t have much of those lol. Its like do I hold onto it incase I gain 20 pounds or get rid of it and let someone else enjoy it. Again it maybe cost me 20 bucks so it’s not the end of my world if I donate it.

So ya I need a new summer wardrobe for sure. Though I do have about 5 or 6 dresses that still fit which is good. As well a few tops that still fit. But as far as jeans go I have two pairs which are the size 8’s but I thought at the time I better not buy more than two pairs at a time because the weight was just falling off. And no reason to spend a lot or have multiples of something that will just be to large in a few weeks to wear.

And some of the tops that I have to part with I really love and or loved at one time or another. Of course there will be other pieces I will love cause that is just how I am. Oh also this one top I’ve held on to for over 5 years now fits beautifully so I’m thrilled about that. An old friend of mine had bought it for me from one of my favorite clothing stores at that time. I stopped shopping there because I had gained weight but now that I’m back to being slender I might just go back and check the store out. Because I used to shop from it a lot. Even though it was for normal sized women as in not tall haha.

The store is called Suzy Shier. I also really loved the store Le Chateau I used to shop there all the time in my 20’s. Though back then the quality was not that great and you could buy stuff for like $20 bucks of course now the quality has become better and the prices have gone up. But anyways now there are such stores such as H&M and what not. I love clothing haha. But then what girl doesnt LOL. So ya it will be nice when I can get some new clothing more fabulous clothing to go with my new fabulous body now that day is going to be fun.

Happy Early Spring Cleaning

Over & Out


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