Kylie Minogue Bedding

So I’m a little obsessed over her line of bedding. It screams glam and I have found the best site for her bedding. The website ships pretty much all over the place and you can see price wise what it is in your own currency. Also all the photo’s below can be enlarged by clicking on them.

This is probably one of my favorite’s It’s called Ribble



Here is the write up of her bedding collection taken from this website.

Kylie Minogue Bedding Collection

Kylie proudly presents Kylie Minogue bedding collection, the new collection of home couture for bedroom and living interiors. Her captivating style translates seamlessly to her home collection, which reflects the glamour and sophistication she brings to the stage. Opulent fabrics of shimmering organza, silky taffeta and iridescent weaves are complemented by exquisite details, creating a collection of truly inspiring designs. Sparkling sequins, diamantes and embroidery lavishly embellish the fabrics. You will be inspired by this luxurious collection.

Here are a couple more that I just think are so fabulous.







So far I have yet to find these anywhere but this website and one other but the other site did not have all of them. So I wont even bother to list it here. As far as glam bedding goes she knows what she’s doing. I have tried to find other bedding that speaks to me but as far as glam goes nothing beats this in my personal opinion.

It’s just so elegant and girly and pretty. But classy at the same time tho there are other sets in the series and if animal print is your thing there is also that set as well but done tastefully I think. If you have not seen her bedding please go take a look.

I do plan on ordering a set in the next few months hopefully. I think the purple one above because it’s just so me I love purple. Any who enjoy & your welcome haha.

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