I’m Writing A Book

So I’ve decided to start writing a book. The thought came to me a little while ago after watching Mike & Molly on tv. Molly decides to write a book and does so well she makes money at it. She had worked as a kindergarten teacher or something and wants something more for her self so she becomes a full-time writer. Any who I had also taped the J.K. Rolling story on TV. And that got me thinking as well maybe I could write a story.

So last night I came on here and started to write its an unpublished private page. Nobody can read it. And I don’t know the title yet but what I do know is that it has a handful of characters and it could be murder mystery but nobody’s dead yet lol. There is romance in it and fashion. So far I have written four chapters. It seems like I have a pretty good imagination.

And I’m rather excited about this. I mean I did say I wanted to do something creative I think I found my calling. Of course I’m nowhere near done and I have no idea how many chapters there will be but I do have a feeling it will be a series. And something that is not out there though I have no idea if there is or not. But then I’m just writing this for my enjoyment but I could see people buying it.

It’s keeping me busy. Though last night when I went to sleep all I could think of was my main characters stories and how they all intertwined together. I’m super excited about this new project of mine.

Over & Out


8 thoughts on “I’m Writing A Book

  1. Yay go you! I’ve wanted to write a book for a while, but all I can seem to manage at the moment is short stories! I hope inspiration hits me soon like it has you.

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