Catching Up With An Old Friend

So something different today. I had got together with an old friend of mine. Before moving to where I live now I had met my friend at the local pub. My brother knew her before I did. She was one of the waitresses there. I did not start going to this bar and till I think it was like a year or something like that before I started going. If you saw my friend you would most defiantly say she was pretty. Because she is just that. Very pretty girl super nice and out going. Great sense of style really down to earth.

We had lost touch as friends sometimes do, but have always stayed in touch thankfully through Facebook. The last time I saw her was almost 4 or 5 years ago now. Any who I was on Facebook last week and sent her a message asking how she was doing. And said we should do coffee sometime soon it’s been way to long. So she’s like why don’t we get together next week and do lunch.

So today she came over after she dropped her son off at school. We had coffee and got caught up. Then went to lunch at the pub near my house. I tried this appetizer but I’m not sure what all was in it but my appetite was not there when my lunch came so I did not eat much of my lunch. But the visit was great its funny how time passes you by but when you’re in the company of some people its like time is the same like they have not changed much even though in reality things have.

My best friend Nick from Toronto its the same with him even though we rarely see each other when we do its like old times you know what I mean? Anyways its the same way when I hang out with Candi. It was really good to see her. Its been way to long it was great catching up. It’s really easy to talk to her and I think we got along so well because were really honest and blunt. And she’s just an all around awesome girl to boot.

Any who it was really nice catching up and I hope to connect again with her sooner than later. I think this year its going to be about connecting to people more so and getting old friendships back on track and making the ones I already have stronger. Because good friends are hard to come by.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day

Over & Out


3 thoughts on “Catching Up With An Old Friend

  1. It is a great reminder to take care of good friends. I had to say “goodbye” to a friend from high school just recently and it was painful but had to be done. It makes me want to take better care of the relationships that remain, whether old or new, actual or virtual. Nice post, Lana. Happy for you!

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