Cheating Every Now And Then

I’m talking about food people just food. My boyfriend and I went out Friday night for dinner at the pub near my house. It was extremely cold here on Friday and the place we were going to go for dinner though it is some what close we did not feel like going to and having to wait for a bus in the -27 temp was just not going to happen. Also one of my friends works at the pub near my place I only get to really see her when i go there so we went.

It’s maybe been 4 or more years since I ate what I ate but I thought I can afford to eat it now that I’m thin and I’ll just work off the extra calories I’ll be consuming. I also had a glass of white wine with it classy right? Haha. My old fat self would have been jumping up and down right now if she was sitting there. Also it tasted sooo good but it’s not something I need to eat for a very long time now.


Yes yes it is a big old bowl of Poutine. And the cheese curds were nice and gooey and the gravy was also very tasty as were the deep-fried fries. And to top it off a nice glass of dry white wine. That is all I had to eat for dinner and it was extremely filling. Then one of my friends came to meet us. She was sweet and dropped my boyfriend off at his house since he had to go to work and then we drove back to her place and I drank two more glasses of wine.

I don’t drink much and only tend to do it maybe once a month. I think once you have reach your goal of weight loss I think it’s perfectly okay to cheat every now and then. I also think its okay to drink every now and then and not cut your self off from every single thing that you used to enjoy. I think its good to do everything in moderation and still live a little.

Even when I was going through my weight loss I still went out with friends and eat. I drank wine here and there. I was fully aware of how many calories I was ingesting but I also cut out many things. I still don’t eat anything extra after I eat dinner. Once I have finished eating I don’t keep stuffing my face full of food. I sure as hell did not lose all the weight just to gain it all back. But I do think once you have reached your goal of whatever weight you’re getting rid of then I think its okay to treat your self once in a while.

I workout every single day so I can afford to treat my self once in a while. Now if you don’t workout every single day than no I do not recommend you treat your self to such things. Because we need food it can be easy to just say fuck it and go to town more so then not. I used to abuse food it comforted me in happy times sad timer bad times and every other time. So I see food as I need it and I can see it as a treat now once in a while. But I also see it as an evil as well because of what it did to my body and how I let it.

So I’m careful not to over indulge. And when others are eating way more than they should be I stay clear. I now listen to my stomach and my brain. In my head I’m counting calories still but I’m healthy and happy. So now and then is perfectly fine I think. And if I don’t eat it for another four years that’s perfectly fine by me.

Happy Cheating LOL

Over & Out


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