Its Getting Really Good & Some

My book that is. I’ve been writing about two or so chapters a day and then I step away and do other things. I still want to enjoy it when I return back to it. Iv always tended to give up if I got stuck at things but with my book I’m writing I’m enjoying it and the neat thing about writing your own book is that you can have as many different turns that you want. You can make the story go either way.

I do think it will reach a lot of different types of people when I get it out there for the world to read. I’ve still yet to get a title for it. But I’m sure with time it will come to me. I have an idea but still not 100% on it. I really love my two main characters. Its kind of funny to be writing something and not be able to share it with all of you just yet. So far only a small select of people have been able to read some of it. I’ve read it to my boyfriend and one other friend. And my mother has read some of it too and a friend of mine in the U.S. .

But everyday I’m adding to it, so far I have written 16 Chapters and still going. Its funny but time just flys right by me as I write like two hours have gone by just this morning from writing. Then I look at the time and go oh wow time to eat something haha. Though I think it might turn into a saga of sorts. I guess that’s the fun thing about when you write a book you don’t want the story to end and really its up to me if I want more books to come after this one. Or end the book where I want to and start a different one with different characters. Really the possibilities are endless. But there is so much that can happen it’s all so exciting.

I think I found my calling though haha. So that is what I have been doing the past week or so has been writing every single day. Of course I have been doing other things. Such as working out everyday. My boyfriend bought me the DVD box set Twilight Forever The Complete Saga. As a gift just for the sake of it which is super sweet. I loved the movies when they came out but never read the books though that will be next I think after I read the rest of the books I’ve got to read. This collection comes with over two hours of extra features which is really great.

My boyfriend and I also went to the movies yesterday to see Into The Woods. Really good movie a little slow in spots and my eyes started to close but then quickly opened them to enjoy the rest of the movie. It’s a long movie 2 hours and like 5 minutes. But It was nice to finally see it. And it was even better that it was not in 3D. The only movies that are good in 3D is when things fly out at you. That is it. Other wise I want to see movies in 2D. Call me a party pooper but its true like I saw Maleficent in 3D what a waste that was but this is my own opinion.

So ya I have been doing other things to take a break from writing but then come back and write more. I’ve always enjoyed blogging but now this book story telling is really fun. And I’m looking forward in sharing it when I’m done.

Over & Out


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