Well Then

Sorry that is all I have for a title today any who. So now that I have finished writing my little book now the fun part is to edit it or re write some chapters. Yesterday was not a great day. Trying to find a spell check program to do what I wanted it to do. There is like nothing useful on apple apps. Trust me I’ve looked and found nothing of usefulness lol yup just made that word up anyways. I don’t think I want to make writing books a full-time job at the moment. Way to much information out there and who knows whats for real and whats not. So far the little bit that I have come across everyone has their own opinion on whats what.

I like simple things. With simple learning because that is what my brain can handle the less stress there is the better for me. So ya I’ll edit my book and all that jazz and some how put together a book cover of some sort a diy project most likely heck there are sites out there that you can use. But as far as anything complicated where tons of money is involved forget that.

Moving on

So next month which Is February the day after Valentines day will be 1 year my boyfriend and I have been together. It’s like a huge mile stone I think. Lots have happened this past year that we have been together. His grandfather passed away. We hit a few bumps in our relationship but managed to work those bumps out. I’ve been losing weight all through the relationship. I’ve grown out my hair. We spent time together through the holidays as well New Years. We went to hear an orchestra play Mozart. I met his family including brother and sister and of course both parents. They really like me. I’m extremely happy that we have found each other and am looking forward in what the future has in store for the both of us as a couple.

I’m excited to go to the second family reunion were doing in August. It just sucks that my cousin Courtney wont be there though I know she will be in spirit. It sucks that cancer took her from us. Would be nice to of spent more time with her.

My goal last year was to grow my hair out for this family reunion and to just grow it out period. Well I’ve reached part of my goal I have grown it out my bangs are below my eye brows and the rest of my hair is growing out nicely. And I’m sure by August my hair will be down to my shoulders no doubt. I mean it’s not even a full month since my last trim and my hair has grown so much. Even though I had a few slips from trich showing its ugly face I did not give in much nor did I give in to the temptation of shaving my head. I’m so glad I did not go through with that.

Also come Feb it will be a year that I’ve been growing my hair out. Also this August it will be two years that I have been cigarette free. Which is amazing in its self. I don’t even think about smoking anymore. And in fact if I do smell it like if I’m out and someone is smoking and the smell comes to me it makes me physically sick. I’m just so proud of my self for finally kicking that habit. I mean don’t get me wrong it took me a handful of times to do it but it finally stuck thankfully.

So my new goal this year for my self is to learn more in whatever. Does not matter in what. Finish reading some of the books I have in my iBook shelf lol. Get some new clothing for my new body. My goal is to donate whatever clothing I can’t get rid of through friends lol. I don’t have many tall friends so to get rid of the bigger sizes to my shorter friends does not work so well. I have a friend coming today who’s interested in some of my things. Whatever they don’t take I will pack up and donate. I also want to re organize my closet and just do some spring cleaning I hate clutter.

Oh ya I’m also paying off my credit cards. And I need to finish laser hair removal I think I need about two more treatments on my face than from there I will go to electrolysis to get rid of the light hair. Hair removal is such a long process and so annoying. But If I can finish laser off in the winter then its better cause then in the summer you can go with out makeup. Though I tend to go without makeup anyways some days. Just to give my face a break. I mean I only wear makeup when I go out anyways but some days it’s a no foundation day haha. Okay I think I have written the longest blog post ever. I’ll shut up now and let ya all go.

Over & Out


4 thoughts on “Well Then

  1. I think there are some self-publishing sites that are super-easy. It’s just you won’t sell any books unless you promote the hell out of them. I was always bad at that sort of thing, so I just create for myself and if anyone comes along and likes what I do, great. 🙂

    1. Ya I mean I wrote it because it came from my head I don’t care much about selling it though that would be cool to do I don’t think its gonna be my main goal.

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