A Busy Morning

So this morning my boyfriend came with me to my favorite mall downtown. I had to go to a few stores for a few reasons. The first store we went to was a jewelry store called People’s. I had to get my finger resized. Turns out I’m between a 7.5 to a full on 7. I even fit the store size ring that the lady showed us which was a 7. So that was pretty cool but also makes sense since Iv lost so much weight.

Then we went to one of my other favorite stores which was Old Navy I wanted to try on two different sizes of jeans. Even though I can’t buy any jeans in store it’s so I know what size to buy online. I wish they carried tall in store but oh well. You should have seen me trying on the different lengths it was funny. I tried on two different sizes a 6 and a 4 in a few different rinses. The funny thing is some were short for like petite some were regular and some were long. But no tall. I was just looking for sizes not so much the length. Anyways it was funny I should have take photos than tags it as Tall Girl Problem haha ah well next time for sure :).

The sizes 6 were good fits but I know I’ll be more active in the summer so If I get a size 6 I’ll wish I got size 4s. So I tried on the 4s all of them fit perfectly and because they all have a little stretch in them there is some wiggle room but not much. I of course bought non of them because again all to short in the leg but at least I know what to order when I go to buy new jeans online.

Then went to Sephora I really needed more beauty blender cleanser as well a new beauty blender. And I wanted to get my skin tested. So we get there and they are sold out of the Beauty Blender Sponges except they had the small green minis. So I went with Sephora’s own brand which is like cheaper to like way cheaper at around $15 instead of $25. They were also sold out of their own version of the cleanser so I had to suck it up and by the Beauty Blender one which to be honest is good but you don’t get as much as you do with Sephora’s brand. I will be doing a full review of Sephora’s The Perfectionist Makeup Sponge which is just their version of the Beauty Blender.


They also have this new tool there that will check your skin tone and match you with a bunch of different brands which I think is super cool. Its called Color IQ its amazing what technology can do these days. And then you can have the code emailed to you with the different brands. So it makes shopping for foundation less of a headache. I think its amazing. I did not buy any foundation but at least I know now for when I go to buy some.


So that was what we did today. We also went to a movie/video store for him and then left the mall. It was a busy morning lol. So now that we know what size my finger is, the lady wrote on the card what it was and gave it to him. So tomorrow he will go to a different jewelry store tomorrow and pick the ring out. He knows what styles I like so that is pretty cool. The ring I gave him I’m hoping next month we can go and get the rings engraved to have his name on mine on the inside and mine on his as well the date we became a couple.

Any who that was my Morning, hope everyone is having a good day.

Over & Out


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