SEPHORA COLLECTION The Perfectionist Makeup Sponge Review

While I was at my local Sephora on the weekend I needed a new Beauty Blender but they were all out of the big pink ones and only had the small minis in green. So I decided to take a chance with their own sponge. They were also out of their version of the Beauty Blender Cleanser which I was kind of annoyed about because I like it better then BBs version only because you get more for less. Though I do have to say their sponge sells at just $15 bucks which is a great deal. But I could not find it on their site to link to it sorry everyone.  😦

I also had to ask when is a good time to throw away the sponge. Since there is no information anywhere on when to do this. The girl told me max four months. And I held on to mine and till the bottom of the sponge had a crack in it. And I had been using it since like sometime last year maybe even last summer which is way over the throw out date lol.

Moving on here is a little info of their sponge taken from their site. I guess from the question page but whatever.



The packaging

imageThe sponge on the left is not wet. On the right I have run it under water and it really did expand like I mean a lot lol. The different angles on it is so you can use it in different parts of the face and all that just like the Beauty Blender does.

image image

Over all I think it’s great. It applied my makeup perfect I really don’t see a huge difference between their version and the Beauty Blender. In fact this one seemed to of washed better when I was done doing my foundation. I will say tho that their version was almost sold out in the store. There was maybe like 6 left. They were sold out of the big pink Beauty Blenders they had no more of their version of the cleanser in stock at all. And maybe like 20 of the BB cleanser on the shelf.

So you know that they are hot sellers. And if your ever out of either of them if in store buy some lol. As for the way my makup turned out I’ll through a pic in here.



I used the sponge yesterday in my liquid foundation and just like the Beauty Blender it gave me the air brush effect which I just love. I honestly can’t stand a brush and brushes leave lines in my makeup. With the sponge I don’t have marks left over after using it. Gives me the best after finish. So I would say the next time your out at a Sephora and your thinking of trying their version out I say go for it plus you save a little money and who does not like saving some cash.  🙂

Over & Out


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