Moving On Up

As most of my readers know as well friends I’ve been on a housing waiting list it’s for rent subsidies for people who are on government assistance. This waiting list can take a very long time and you only get 3 offers. As a single person you have two options either a bachelor apartment or a one bedroom.

When you get called for your offers they set up a time and place of the apartment and you go and see it. But with the offers they call you when your next in line on any number of apartment lists. When you go to be on a waiting list they send you papers with areas of the city and you pick different locations on where you would like to live. The last time they sent me the papers I picked more places than just down town. So I would have a better chance in getting something.

I want to point out though when you say no to one of your offers your next offer is not right around the corner my last offer was two years ago. In total I have been waiting 7 years. Yup you got that right 7 years is a long ass time. Also some apartments they don’t have everything included with the rent like hydro or water. The first offer that was given to me I turned down because it was not for me. And hydro was extra. It was also a tiny bachelor apartment with one closet that had a hot water tank in it.

And though at times I wish I took it, everything happens for a reason and if I had taken it I may not of met my boyfriend and love of my life. But I think I would have gone stir crazy which would not have been good.

Now my second offer was offered to me today. A lady called me and asked if I would like to check out an apartment. The area is not ideal but it is close to the dentist I go to as well my family doctor and my hair stylist. There is also my fave drug store and it just so happens my family doctor is connected to it. As well some shopping places.

It’s a one bedroom apartment on the 15th floor, pets are allowed, the heat, hydro and water is all included and the rent is $139 a month. Of course I’ll have to get renters insurance. But that is not to much. The only thing I will have to pay for is my rent my phone which I already do now anyways and cable or internet. Oh and food and dog food. And pay for laundry.

The good thing too is I have acquired things over the years that could fill an apartment. I have a full bathroom set two really lol. I have a love seat, area rug, my high heel shoe chair, Bedroom set, Tv and stand, dvd player, Some kitchen items, Though I need some pots and dish ware and maybe a few lamps LOL. But that is things that you easily get.

My father is coming with me next week to see it. As I have been saying to my parents and friends the next apartment I have an offer for as long as it’s not crawling with bugs I’m taking it and to be honest a one bedroom even if it is a small apartment a one bedroom would be ideal for me. Because there is some room maybe not much but there is some.

So I’m ready for this next chapter in my life. I also know I need this to be a fully independent adult. And I’m ready to have my own place and paint it how I want it and set it up the way I want it. I’m nervous but excited all at the same time. I will take photo’s of the apartment next week so I can share with all of you sorta like a before and then when I take it the after.

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