Emotional Basket-case Barbie


That has been me the last few days. Feelings of I’m not ready yet to move out. I have things I want to do still and finish up. Panic set in for a few days. My IBS was acting out because of getting stressed out. The funny thing with rent-geared-to-income housing. Is that they will call you when ever. You might be ready and you might not be. And you tend to wait a very long time because the wait list is so long.

Heck I have been so stressed out the last few days and I have not even seen the place yet. Though I have a feeling that I will in fact like the apartment itself. I think really it comes down to it will just be me my self and Diva. Thankfully I can face time with my parents or anyone for that matter if I feel that lonely. Of course it will take a little while to adjust to everything. But the past few days I’ve googled stores and bus stops and dog friendly parks. I’ve also tried to google the history on the building but have come up almost short and what little stories I found were not the greatest but they were old stories which is good.

Having my own place and decorating it will of course be amazing. A place that is all mine. I’m lucky that I will have Diva with me so I wont get to lonely. And I already know I wont have tv but I will have internet because you can do everything on it. Such as watching tv or Netflix. And I have a dvd player for movies and if I get a cable to hook up to my iPad I can then throw it up to my tv so that is good as well. I’m not to worried about that stuff just the having to pack crap and move.

Hopefully whatever neighbours I get will be good people. And there aren’t to many weird people in the building one can hope right lol. I mean not weirder then me haha. Its gonna be a huge adjustment that is for sure. I think I’m done freaking out and crying about it. I know I need to have this and be independent It’s just a little scary you know what I mean?.

Anyways so that is what has been going on in my head. Have not felt like blogging much to be honest. I’m thankful that this time around I get to bring one of my parents so they can see a place and ask better questions than I can about the apartment and what not. Of course I have a list of questions as well a what I need to buy list for the apartment. Things I don’t have but will need.

It’s all very exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time. I know things will workout in the end.

Yip Yip Yippy

Over & Out


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