Not So Nervous Anymore


So yesterday my parents and I drove out to where the new apartment is at. As well just drove around a little bit of the area so I could see where everything is. I mean It’s more than likely I will take the apartment but I wanted to see the area before hand. And on Wednesday I’ll get to see inside the building as well the apartment it’s self. I’m excited to see what the space looks like so I know what I’ve got to work with.

So the area is pretty decent there is a mini strip mall like a 8 minute walk from the apartment building with an Ice cream shop, a Dollar store and a fabric store and convenience store. There are a number of bus stops to go either way for public transit right out side of the building. And the building it’s self is pretty decent looking. Its one of three high-rise buildings the other two are regular apartment buildings that are not rent to geared income.

Funny thing is my ex boyfriend lived in one of them. And I remember the area but I never knew that the building that I’m going to see the apartment in was subsidised housing so that says something. Also every apartment has a balcony. So that will be great for when the weather is nicer to have a chair out or something. I was also looking for information on the building and I found that they will be doing balcony repairs.

Also down the street a little ways there is a big grocery store. A pharmacy with post office as well another big dollar store is opening up as we’ll. One of my favorite stores for Diva which is a big Pet Smart opening the end of this month. So by the time I move in it will be open. Also with in the area only about 4 set of stop lights away is my family doctor, dentist and hair stylist which is super convent. It wont take me forever to bus to them anymore.

I’m getting more excited about this to be honest and I’m not worried so much as I was. My parents are going to help me out with some things. Thank god for having amazing parents and my brother and boyfriend are going to help me move my stuff which will be super amazing.

Also some other great stores are also not that far away by bus so that is really good as well. To be honest the location as far as shopping and movie theater and what not are really easy to get too. And with my transit bus app called Bus Buddy finding times for the busses and everything is pretty easy breezy lol.

I’m getting pretty pumped up and excited now. The nerves are not as bad as they were. Now it’s excitement more than anything. Of course there will be some adjusting but that is after all normal. So ya look out for a new category that will of course be labeled My New Place. Posts will be covering everything from my move to before and after photo’s, my apartment tour and home decor as well other fun exciting things.

I’m getting super excited now YAHOOO.

Over & Out

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