Live Clean: Pink Fire – Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner



So I picked this up on the weekend as a substitute to my Joico Color Endure it’s a lot cheaper and I also bought it at Wal-Mart. Also to when living on my own this stuff is much more cost-effective. Any ways I used it the other day to try it out so I could write a review on it. I was going to wait a week to write the review but to be honest I only wash my hair every second or third day so I’m not sure how much of a good review I could do except write one up as a first time trying this product. I have used Live Clean before but had used the two in one combo which I can’t stand cause it drys out my hair and scalp.

Moving on I did use my Redkin leave in treatment after I got out of the shower. I love that stuff its amazing but any way, my hair today feels good and is still very soft and clean-looking. Which is good of course. As for the shampoo it did lather quite a lot and the Joico you really have to use a lot of shampoo or wash a second time to get the lather up. But not with this stuff. As for the conditioner ya it’s good it rinse out well and my hair was soft after using it as in when it washed out. I did leave it on for the minute it said.

As for my hair color well its been since December since I had it colored so the color has faded since then and my roots are growing out. So I can’t say anything about the faded part. But I will do a re review once I color my hair again and do an update on this Pink Fire duo.

For the price it’s nice and it has a nice smell to it.

Over & Out



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