Apartment Viewing

So today was the apartment viewing. Both of my parents were able to come with me. My dad had a tape measure so he could get the room sizes down. So there is a common room where they serve free breakfasts through the week and also give out free vegetables and bread to tenants. They have laundry on site all brand new washer and dryers. The washers are $1.50 and the dryers are $1.25. The elevators are new as of two years ago. And there are two of them.

Okay now for my apartment see that my apartment lol. They have re done it. I forgot to take photo’s of it but to be honest I’ll take them when I sign the lease because it was a construction zone pretty much. All the floors are brand new. The bathroom has new floors as well a new toilet. The apartment has a small storage area with shelves. It has a front closet as well a linen closet. The bedroom is pretty large maybe a little smaller than the one I have now but not by much. it has a small closet with a shelf. It has its own thermostat.

The apartment faces west, from what the lady told me when the fire works happen in the summer I will be able to see them from the apartment since I will see them down town so that is really cool. The living room is a decent size for all the furniture I have it will fit nicely and cozy but not cramped.

The living room and small kitchen has its own thermostat so that is also nice. Also there is a small balcony with two big windows and the belcony door is sliding. And the kitchen is a cute size with a small fridge but perfect for me same with the stove. There is a pantry with lots of shelves and it’s really cute. The cupboards need a lick of paint but that is easy also they are re painting the whole apartment. So by the time I move in everything will be clean and fresh and like brand new.

To be honest once everything is finished it’s going to be one cute stylish apartment. Now that I have seen it I’m super excited. It’s my perfect little apartment oh I want to also mention there is nobody beside me because it’s a corner unit. Also the walls are cement so that is good for noise. Not that I have to worry about it because I have really nobody next to me because it’s a corner unit and nobody on top of me and the people who will be next to me is connected of my bedroom wall and the walls are thick so really I’m lucky with that.

So April 1st is when I’ll move in. Need to do some paper work and stuff but ya I’ll keep you all posted.

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