Living Authentically


I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately mainly about growing out the hair color my hair has been dyed. And just letting my natural color come in even those un wanted gray hairs that I have.

I just finished reading this great article called Back to My Roots: A Diary of Going Gray. The woman who wrote it is much older than me in her 40’s. I’ll be turning 36 this coming November. But I have been thinking of just letting my hair color grow out.

I have even noticed the gray hairs that I do have they are white from the roots but then you look down the shaft and its mult colored because of the hair coloring. I’m also curious to see what my natural color looks like.

I am not made of money so going to get my hair colored at the salon is not overly cost-effective every few months. And though I could keep doing boxed dye from the drug store every few months those gray hairs that I am trying to hide pop up.

So what if I just stopped dying my hair all together and started to embrace those gray hairs and just embrace my true hair color. I would save a crap load of money from spending it on either the hair salon hair color and drug store hair color. As well the shampoo and conditioners for color treated hair.

I would also just have to spend money on getting a hair trim every few months and my hair would not be damaged as say it is with hair coloring. I can just embrace my true hair color for what it is as well embrace the simple fact that I really am getting older and gray hair is just a part of the process.

I know it will be a long process as it is with everything you want to over come such as losing weight or quitting smoking. But I think I am up for the challenge. I was also thinking if there was a way to revert the color process as of going from dark brown hair color back closer to my natural color, though I am not sure that is possible and may just grow it all out and get trims every few months and till all the color is gone.

The last time I had my hair colored was December 30th 2014. Since then I have not gone back to get my roots touched up nor have I bought boxed dye. Or had my hair trimmed except I did trim my bangs my self lol. Any who I wont go back to get my hair trimmed and till May most likely. Then from there I wont go back and till maybe August. I’m hoping all the color will be out of my hair come Dec of this year. So fingers crossed I don’t fall off the wagon and succumb to color.

I also want to say I can’t stand seeing roots with grey hair I think it looks bad but since I plan on growing out my neutral color. I don’t care so much and there are ways to hide that stage of growing it out with hats or scarves or whatever. If need be I’ll find out how I can maybe speed up the process by some how going back to as close to my natural color I can get without coloring my hair but I think that might be impossible to do.

I plan on documenting my progress and will title ether a new category or up coming posts called No More Hair Color. So keep an eye out for that.

Wish me luck

Over & Out


8 thoughts on “Living Authentically

  1. I read a whole book about going gray-I think it was by the same woman who wrote that article. I really liked it. It’s part of the reason I am growing out my grays, too. Surprisingly, I don’t have as many as I thought I would have.

  2. I have enough grays that I keep coloring my hair to hide them. I might like myself gray if it were silver but not if it is dull. Meanwhile, I can’t be dark haired forever and will have to find some other color to gradually change over to. I was thinking ash blonde eventually. Nothing warm and not red, sadly, although I would love that. Anyway, I will look forward to seeing how this develops. Interesting post!

  3. I’ll have to check out the book. I decided last week that I was no longer coloring! I feel liberated, already. I just turned 50 and have been coloring for way too long!

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