It’s Becoming More Of A Reality

So this morning I get a response from the lady I saw last week about the one bedroom apartment saying she received the copy’s I had sent her of my disability paper work she had requested. And that she would email me a copy of the letter I have to give to my case worker.

She also said that I would then get a phone call in the next few weeks to go and sign my lease. How exciting right?.

So I emailed my mom first then my dad and asked if they would print this info sheet so I could mail it off to my case worker. I emailed both of them just incase one did not print it.  Which they both did but then I called my case worker and asked him if he had an email address that I could just email it to him, which of course he did so I sent it to him he had got it right away. Then he had to let the community housing know he had received the letter.

So here is the funny thing, So they as in the housing provider called me this afternoon with the appointment date to sign the lease which was for Feb 19th and said I needed to have renters insurance other wise I can’t sign the lease.

So I called to set up the insurance but was told they can’t give it to me so in advance and that they can give it to me come March 2nd. So I emailed the lady back who showed me the apartment and she says well you will have to re book. Then gave me a number and extension code to call so I could re book. So now the new date is March 3rd to sign the lease and after talking to the renters insurance people, I’ll have the insurance come March 2nd because when you pay by credit card they send you all the info via email. Thank god for technology seriously. In total all of the back and forth stuff took like 20 minutes give or take but man what a headache. Thankfully everything got sorted out.

The nice thing is too that my disability will pay for the insurance so after I pay for it by credit card they will then give me what they owe me for it. And what I was trying to say was they can only give me the insurance with in 30 days of me moving and not more than that. Or whatever, Hopefully you get what I mean.

Any ways it’s pretty exciting stuff and was very cool to see on the info sheet my name and the apartment I’m moving into and the date. I’ve never had to get renters insurance before so that is pretty cool in its self. So come March 2nd either I will get a call or I will call to set that up. And what’s funny, is it does not cost a lot to get the insurance.

So I feel pretty good right about now. It really is becoming a reality.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Becoming More Of A Reality

  1. How exciting, Lana. I have to catch up on your news because I hadn’t realized you were looking. Good for you! Now you can have fun fixing it up. Hope you will post pictures. 🙂

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