Crazy Hair


So as 99% of you all know I have been growing my hair out. On December 30th I had it trimmed up and colored. I had about an inch removed off the back the ends trimmed up everywhere else and my bangs trimmed up.

Since then I have trimmed my bangs twice my self. The first time or in this case the second depending on how you look at it on Feb 4th. Then I trimmed them my self again today. Honestly my hair is growing like a weed.

Today I spent a few hours reading articles on hair trimming and how often you should trim your hair. If your growing it out I read to get trims every 3 to 4 months. Because of the hair growth cycles. Of course if your hair is short and you want to keep it in that style to go every 4 to 6 weeks and so on and so forth.

Then I read info on how working out gets the blood pumping and how that is also good for hair growth. Though when I was using Walk Away The Pounds with Leslie Sansone she said that working out helps with hair and nails because of the blood flow and what not.

It’s just amazing that just a week and a half or so ago I trimmed my bangs and since then I have had to trim them again. I did it extremely slowly and carefully. It’s the only thing I will trim my self.

I plan on going to my hair stylist come May to get an all over trim. By then my hair will need it. She knows I’m growing my hair out. Though when I see her then it will just be that no hair color for me anymore.

The one thing that is super annoying is the waiting part for the hair to grow but honestly at this rate my hair will be the length I want it by this coming winter as in December. I would not be at all surprised. Of course I am taking vitamins like a multi and vitamin C & D & Calcium which is most likely helping with my hair growing. It’s not hurting it that is for sure.

I think it’s also good that I do workout everyday and skip a day or two in washing it. I do blow dry it after I have washed it, on the lowest setting possible. And I always use my Redken Anti-snap leave in treatment because its great for colored hair and I like how my hair feels after using it. Even though I use conditioner the Redken stuff is Amazing. One of the things I read today named it as a top product to use. Also its great protecting from heat tools like blow dryers.

When looking for information on-line for hair growth you would be amazed at what pops up LOL. Everyone has their thoughts on what to do. Then after reading all of it I went to my old cosmetology book. To read up on hair. Yup its true I went to beauty school back in 98 that’s 1998 ha ha. It was not for me and I forgot like all the information. But I still have the book and thought it should tell me what I want to know. It’s handy to have around even though it’s such an old book heck it’s so old when it talks about hair extensions all it has is braiding and glue ins not the many different kinds they have now but for the most part it’s a handy book to keep around I guess LMAO.

Any who so ya pretty cool how quickly my hair is growing. Will do an updated post maybe in March of my hair growth. Maybe a side by side from the beginning up and till now. Keep an eye out for that.

Over & Out


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