Vday & My One Year


So valentines day is tomorrow and I love watching all the morning tv talk shows that give Vday ideas on everything from drinks to diy crafts and everything in-between. I love it more so now that I’m dating someone. Though I have to be honest when I was single I kind of hated that day because everything is surrounded for people in relationships not so much for singles or friends.

Moving on lol so my boyfriend has made plans to take me out to dinner to some place down town. He has already called to book us a table. If you plan on going anywhere for dinner on Vday your going to have to call ahead of time better yet a day or two in advanced make sure you have a table ready.

Nothing is worse than going out for dinner and the place you want to go to is packed. Or the place your boyfriend has in mind as a surprise is packed. Oh ya the place were going to for dinner he wont tell me it’s a surprise which is very romantic I think.

Oh and Sunday the 15th is our one year anniversary. We decided to go for lunch where we had our first date. Which funny enough is down the street from my house and in a way in the middle of where we both currently live. So I think that is also romantic in a cute fun way.

I decided to write him a personalized card something from the heart but short and sweet. Now my hand writing is not the best and after 3 messed up cards I said to hell with it and sent an ecard with what I had wrote.I also gave it another shot writing it on a card and though it’s not the best it’s still from me so on Sunday he will get one through email sent to him as well the one I wrote out on a card.

After all something from the heart that I made means more than something bought right. Though the card I did not make but the words are mine so ya I think that is super sweet.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Vday even all my singles out there. If your single don’t worry about it celebrate with good friends watch some good chick flicks eat some chocolate and have a few drinks and if you don’t drink or like chocolates well eat some cake or candy or whatever you fancy and enjoy it anyways.

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