My Valentine’s Day & Anniversary

So this Vday was pretty sweet. My amazing boyfriend got me a lovely card and surprised me with a box of chocolates and the cutest teddy bear. And because he knows me so well the box of chocolates has a big jewel on it that sparkles.

image image

He had also made dinner plans at a surprise place. Which of course bugged me because I wanted to know where we were going. I decided to wear a retro beaded sweater my mother gave me it had bead work on it as well sequins. I wore it with my black skinny jeans. And a small pair of sparkly earrings. The sweater had a beaded neckline in black beads. My makeup was different shades of pink really pretty. I took a shot of us before we headed out. I also rocked my wig because my hair was just not all that great.image

My makeup was just super pretty and natral looking nothing over the top because the sweater had a lot going on but tastefully of course. So for dinner he took me down town to The Keg Steak house but I don’t eat steak so I had the oven baked salmon as did he. The wine was good as well. Then after dinner we headed to the book store so he could get a book and I bought this cute pink pad of paper that was a check list for when you run out of things its pretty cool.

Then we came back to our neck of the woods and went to the pub near my house we had this amazing dessert which you can share or eat imageall your self but its pretty sweet stuff and pretty decadent. I had to take a photo of it because it’s that tasty and pretty to boot. Also it comes warm almost like a molten cake.

Anyways it’s extremely tasty and it comes with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. As you can see by the photo. Mmmm so good. it’s great to share it with someone but believe it or not when I was fat I would order one and eat the whole thing my self. Note it’s a nice treat to have once in a blue moon of course but with someone I would never eat something like that all to my self now.

As for the box of chocolates my boyfriend got me they are all gone I did eat the majority of them but I did share some with him and a few to my folks. The box is super cute and I will re-use it for something I’m sure. As for the teddy bear it’s a xo that it is holding so cute. Of course my dog thinks it’s a toy for her so I will have to be careful it never falls on the floor or is some where close by for her to get at other wise I can kiss it good-bye haha.

So in all it was a great Vday. I hope everyone had a good day yesterday. Today was our one year anniversary. It’s pretty amazing a whole year had gone by it does not really feel like it to be honest it’s funny how time flys by. When I logged on to FB this morning this is what I saw. I thought this was super cute. Though some of the pics are the same though it was sweet to see. And nice that they have it for you. I had to take a screen shot of it because when you share it the little love bunnys are not shown. But ya today we just relaxed it was like -38 today bitter cold out we were going to go for lunch but decided to skip going out. He was able to get a ride over to my house and then we just watched tv took a nap with the dogs and relaxed and kept warm.

I can’t stand temps as cold as that if I don’t have to be out in it then I don’t go out. So that was my weekend. Hope everyone enjoyed their Vday & Sunday.

Over & Out


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