Bye Bye Cancer

As most of my readers know my dad had prostate cancer. Well today he went for his checkup and was told he is now Cancer free. He will have to go back every six months for follow ups but other than that the cancer is gone. For that I am so thankful. Cancer has touched my family as well extended family which had taken my cousin from us a few years ago.

She was only a few years older than me. Since then my father found out that his two brothers had gotten prostate cancer to then he had got checked out and found he had it as well. Since then he had treatments done but did not have to have surgery to have it removed unlike his one brother that did and the other did not. We also found out that my cousin who passed from breast cancer her father my uncle had also gotten prostate cancer but is I believe is clear now as well.

Cancer is unfortunately shitty and effects many people. It’s almost so common now that it’s like a cold so many people get it and the worst part is that it can happen to anyone of any race or gender. It does not care if you’re a good person or a bad person. If you live a healthy lifestyle or not. Anyways I just wanted to share the great news with all of you that as of today he is cancer free Yahoo. 😇

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