$5 Buck Tshirts at Old Navy

image   Anyone that knows me knows I love Old Navy and right now they have $5 buck t-shirts. And I’m pretty sure the bunch that I have that are two sizes to big for me now cost that much. So I of course had to buy some. I mean where can you get that good of a deal.


Also I’d like to point out that the ones that I have I have had fr a few years now maybe over 4 so that says a lot right there. I also want to say that I love the dresses I have bought over the years as well the jeans from this store. I do wish that they carried tall in store and not just on-line. That being said I do also like that they will offer free shipping if you spend $50. You can get a lot depending on what deals are happening. So with the t-shirts I bought, I also picked up this fabulous wrap floral dress. It’s long-sleeved but the pattern is super pretty. I was lucky to get a discount on it as well since they had a 30% discount going on too. I saw it a while ago and wanted to get it but I decided not to but I’m glad I got bought it as well. I am planning on bringing it with me in August when I go to New Brunswick and PEI. imageI have a thing for floral patterns I think. Because last year I picked up a pair of shorts that had flowers on it and a t-shirt dress that also had flowers on that and a boho dress a few years before also with flowers on it. Any who I think this would be easily dress up or down depending on shoes and accessories. And I have yet to see anyone wearing the clothing I buy from Old Navy which is funny. But anyways I think Old Navy has great pieces and great prices and it’s decent enough you can make your own and when your losing weight it’s great for that too because you don’t have to spend a lot to look good. As much as I Love LTS it’s just too much cost wise to spend my money on one thing when I can get a bunch of things. Last year I bought two fit and flare dresses from Old Navy both are sleeveless one in a dark navy and the other on the pink side. I dressed up the dark navy and my man and I went to Ikeai any who I got him to take a photo of me in it and I posted it to my Facebook page and one of my friends asked where I got the dress because she thought I spent some good money on it and when I said where I got it and that I got it on sale she was shocked. See photo below. image Love these fit and flares my shoes were just sandels or you could easily wear these dresses with a heel shoe or open wedge or whatever you fancy depending on what you’re dressing it for. So Ya take a look-see at Old Navy on-line and have fun with your clothing. Over & Out


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