Loving You For Who You Are


Lately I have had some trouble with my own demons. I have decided to just stay being me and stay the way that I am, no more surgery’s staying different and loving my self for who I am. With today’s society sometimes its a little more difficult and this whole trans road is not an easy one I can for sure attest to that.


With even more thought and some good old reading and what not I need to just accept me for me for how I am now. And with that I went looking on Google Images for some inspirational sayings and quotes. And here are some that I love. I made a full album on my Facebook so if I need to look at them I can easily. But here are some of my favorites and this goes for anyone who have self doubts or are having a hard time with self acceptance and self-love.


You are perfect the way you are. There is no need to make any major changes. If you can be happy with the body you have then you are saving your self from possible negative things later on. Of course this has to do with the last few posts I had posted. Which I have since taken down. If I could snap my finger and be the person I wish I could have been instead of taking this path I would do it in a heart beat. But since I can’t, I don’t think having more surgery is going to make any much of a difference for me anyways. And on the health risk scale it’s just not wise for me.


Self acceptance has always been a problem for me ever since I was little. I was told by my mother that she used to have me look in the mirror and repeat to my self that I loved me. And I never did. To this day I have those same moments but they are different because though I love my self I don’t always accept my self for being the unique person that I am.


And I need to start doing this. I think also too that I may have a little bit of Body Dysmorphia Disorder and I’m pretty sure all trans people have a little bit of this if not some worse than others. I mean if you read some of the write-up about it you would see that many trans people are pretty close in this sense.

For More Info On BDD Go Here Or wait for my next blog.

We tend to fixate on different body parts and such and are always wanting to change things almost obsessively. Never being happy with our selves. And I think for most of us we want to change our body’s to how we think they need to be but in reality sometimes its just not possible because your running away from something then just accepting it for what it is. I am well aware the need to make a change but I think if you can learn to be happy with the body you have then your already a winner.


Over & Out


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