No Longer With Brand Backer

I am no longer with Brand Backer. Though I reviewed a few beauty products they really don’t have much for us Canadians. And more often then not all the campaines I wanted to work with were not for Canada. And the few I wanted to work with declined my blog maybe because I am not strickly a beauty blogger. But that is fine. I got to review some cool products which I did get for free. And maybe down the road I will join up with another company such as Brand Backer.

It was fine while it lasted. But as the saying goes everything happens for a reason and I do just want to say I left Brand Backer on my own. It did not cost me anything to sign up with them. And if your in the States and a beauty blogger then check them out. It’s super easy and fun when they send you products to review for free oh and you get to keep the products as well.

Over & Out


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