Taking Control Of My Health Care


For a while now my estrogen was covered under the little drug plan that I have up and till recently. I was running out of my pills so I called in a refill since my three months were up. When I went into the drug store to pick them up I was told that they are no longer going to be covered and that I would have to pay $80 bucks. I’m already on a limited budget so I said no thanks call my doctor to get things fixed.

They called and all he could do was give a new prescription on the same pills. Then I went looking for info about some pills that were covered. But then my doctor’s office played the call back game with me and from what my family doctor said nothing was covered.

My family doctor is now over looking my hormones because my old doctor had retired. My old doctor was a  endocrinologists my current one is my family doctor and he’s just a normal GP. Any who so I went a head and paid for it but since paying for it I have found out more information. I just got off the phone with the receptionist and explained to her that I was sorry for coming off bitchy because I had called with new info.  But I felt I sounded rude so I called back to apologies and told her I feel that my doctor does not care and that I am trans and that I know for a fact there is a way to get my medication covered.

I told her the website and info that he needs to go too and that I do not want a call back and till he has done what I have asked. In the most polite way possible. I explained to her I am on a fixed income I can’t afford to be spending $80 bucks. She fully understood where I was coming from and agreed with me on it all.

I also might be seeing a endocrinologists at the Trans Health Center here in Ottawa. The doctor there worked in the same office area of my old doc. That way I can get my mones levels checked since its been more then 6 months and hopefully she cares about her clients enough to do things. Instead of this BS that I am currently dealing with. I understand doctors are money hungry but try caring enough.

Any who so this is the drama I’m currently dealing with. The info I was told about is that here are some medications that are covered under Exceptional Access Program all my doctor has to do is send in a request form or something. But I don’t even think he knows about it or if he does he does not care. I dunno but it’s sure fucking annoying. Any who it will work out hopefully and then I’m not forking over that kind of money every three months. There is also a thing called the Trillium Benefit which I have to fill out and send in which you get money back or a deductible. Or some such thing. I guess things could be worse right?.


So it turns out the doctor at the T H Center is just a normal GP and not a edro doc at all. Just my luck of course whatever hopefully my doctor will be able to help after all crossing my fingers.


Over & Out


2 thoughts on “Taking Control Of My Health Care

  1. One of the two medications I am on is not covered by my insurance; I pay almost $180 a month for it. It’s ridiculous because it is a very effective and popular medication, which is exactly why they don’t want to cover it! I pay it, because it really works for me, but it is a big monthly expense.

    1. Ya I just find it odd how one minute my homes are covered and suddenly my doc cant find any that are even though i have been told by a number of people that there are some that are covered. He just needs to look.

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