Looking Forward To Warm Wheather 

And giving my hair a break. Even though I only blow dry my hair once every three days and on the lowest setting. I’m looking forward to warmer wheather so I can cut out the blow drying all together and let my hair air dry. I currently don’t use any other heat on it not even a flat iron. Tho I have managed to style my hair with my blow dryer with out the use of a brush. But if I do use a brush its a round one for my bangs but that is very rarely, I can pretty much style it with just the blow dryer and then use a brush afterwards. Finger styling I guess you could say.

The great thing about air drying is its so easy though I would probably recommend a leave in conditioner so you don’t get to many fly aways. Because with out one you will get them for sure. I figure no hair color and less trims but once every three to four months and my hair should be in the best health possible to grow amazingly. 

I’ve also recently cut my bangs again. I did it my self and it a very good job. What’s funny is with just a little bang trim the rest of my hair looks put together. The end of April I will go for a trim on the rest of my hair and then I won’t go for another one till beginning of August. My hair has really been growing pretty quickly and I’m super happy about that.

Below is a photo taken this past Friday. I had not trimmed my bangs in this photo just pushed to one side. Was trying something different with my bangs.

Over & Out


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