Signed My Lease

So our family friend was super sweet to of driven me this morning so I could go and sign my lease. It took about 15 or so minute maybe 20 max. I had to read the lease and of course sign some papers. I also got a folder with goodies and a calendar and a fridge magnet with important numbers on it. I did not get the keys to the apartment.

I will however be going March 31st to pickup my keys and pay my first months rent in April. I have to go in person to pay for it but then every month after my ODSP people will be directly paying it there after which is super helpful to me. So I wont have to worry about it my self.

I also popped by our family friends house to take a look at her Ikea shelving that is in her kitchen its stainless steel. I really like it and can see it looking amazing in my apartment. OMG my apartment it’s now so very real I’m so excited.

I was also able to find out that it was totally fine for me to put in a chain lock and to repaint the cupboards. As long as if I go to move from the unit the chain lock is removed. But that makes sense. This is like so freaking cool. I was also given a check list for when I check out the apartment so if anything needs to be fixed I can let them know and they will fix it. I have some great info in my folder they gave me. I also found out the buzz code number. Which is handy to have of course.

It’s all very exciting stuff. Now for the fun part shopping for the apartment and of course re painting those kitchen cupboards and getting it all done up. My plan is to pick up they keys and then go snoop at the apartment haha.

Crazy how it’s not even a month away. *BIG SMILE*

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