Things To Do

For moving that is haha. So I have to register Miss Diva with the city. But it’s really easy to do and it does not cost a bunch which is really good. It costs $23 bucks if the dog or cat has been sterilized and not microchiped or $17 if it has for both. But because Diva has no microchip I’ll go the $23 way. Other wise if I do get her done the microchipping is like $71 bucks which is still not bad not sure if I will or not only because she’s not overly an outside dog. And when I move she will be inside with me most of the time. Though I may get it done just to be on the safe side.

Moving on I have to change my address on my health card as well my photo ID and then go around to the many sites that have my address and change all of those. That should be fun haha not though I really don’t have a lot of things mailed to me. And most bills I do get are done through email now anyways thank god for paperless things.

I think the one thing I find more annoying when you move is when you have to change things over. Everything from mail to drug stores and credit cards and all of that crap. But because this move is going to go smoothly I’m not that worried. Thankfully I am not in a major rush to pack things up and move. Once I get my keys then I can go over and paint and put some shelving up and then slowly move things over and then pick a weekend and book the elevator and then move the big pieces.

I also have a to buy list. Of things I need that I do not have. Like a fire extinguisher for the kitchen for just in case there is ever a fire I want to be ready. I basically need things for the Kitchen and some curtains for the living room and a few items for it such as a few lamps maybe a side table and some ottomans the ones that have storage.

Then I need a few cleaning products for the home then I’m really done lol. I’m happy I have pretty much everything else. I’m getting really excited tho It’s amazing that I will be moving in the next few weeks.

Well that’s all for now 🙂

Over & Out


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