My Fave Makeup Guru’s & Funny People

Most anyone that enjoys makeup enjoys watching Makeup Gurus over on YouTube. Some have their favorites and some will also follow them on other networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and so on and so forth. I follow very few people from YouTube but the People I watch on YT are my Top Faves. I will list everyone below.

First I am highly addicted if you can even be addicted to is none other then Nicole Guerriero I love her personality, Shes smart super pretty with and without all the makeup she puts on. She knows a bunch about hair extensions and shes just an over all cool chick. I follow her on FB.

Now this next girl is super pretty again and she reminds me of the VS model Candice Swanepoel but this girl is an Aussie. Again super pretty girl lovely personality and I love the way she does her brows. She is non other then Chloe Morello. I also follow her on FB.

My next fave girl one of my friends got me hooked up on she is a little over the top but shes way fun, Down to earth and does crazy hair is non other then TymetheInfamous This girl knows makeup and she does not work for YouTube like some people do.

Ive also been hooked on this next girl who has such a fun personality shes also a mom but very down to earth and fun. She is non other then Kandee Johnson she does makeup look a likes as well other fun things.

Okay now onto some super sweet girls who happen to be trans woman, They are fun down to earth makeup and fashion gurus. I have been following them as well and love their crazy fun videos. The first one is non other then Gigi Gorgeous shes a young trans woman whos into beauty and fashion and funny videos I also follow her on FB & my other fave girl non other then PRINCESSJOULES

Last but deffently not least is a Drag performer who is just plain silly and makes me laugh. Is non other then Willam Belli you have seen him on YT as well Rupauls Drag Race if you watch that show.

So those are my main people I watch. Who are your faves?.

Over & Out


3 thoughts on “My Fave Makeup Guru’s & Funny People

  1. I adore Willam!! He is so wrong but also so hilarious! Are you watching the new season of Drag Race? Katya reminds me of him a little.

    And I also love Gigi Gorgeous. She really went through the whole process and I think some of that was hell for her, but it is so great that she is getting so much out of it in return. She is stunning and a lot of fun and she deserves it all!

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