Before Photo’s Coming

So on March 31st I’m going to pay my first months rent and pick up my apartment keys. My boyfriend is coming with me and then from there we are going to my apartment for one of two reasons. Were going to test out the buzzer to make sure it works with the pink lips phone that I bought and if it works then I wont need to get a working phone line.

And the second reason I want to go is to take photo’s of the empty apartment so I have something to compare the before and after too and to share it with all of you. I’m excited to take photo’s of it before I have put my personal touch on it and set everything up. I love things like that I think that’s why I love the show Love It Or List it Vancouver. I love really those shows where they take a space from yuck to fab I guess any home design show that does that.

It’s neat how people transform spaces. And what you can do with them. So ya that part is fun and I’m excited to put my own mark on it. A couple more weeks to go now.

Over & Out


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