Hair Trim

So I was going to go to a hair trim appointment tomorrow but I called and canceled it. Instead I trimmed my hair my self and saved some money. Though I would not recommend doing it because it could go all wrong but I did it in such a way that I was very very careful.

I knew how much I wanted gone and my hair grows at a very good pace. The next trim in a few months say around June will be done by my hair stylist. By that point it will be a special treat to go get pampered every three or so months.

But just giving my self this trim has already made a huge difference in my hair. PS I did not use scissors, what I used was a hair trimmer of a sort lol. I removed about an inch or so.

I then took a shower and then blow dried my hair and the result is below. I would have to say it looks like when I had my hair done on Dec 30th last year. The sides of my hair now matches the back which is what I wanted. Now as it grows it will blend more and less layers.

Now when I go for a trim in June it will be just to remove the ends and I wont have an inch removed or anything. It can just grow out nicely now. I think I did a pretty decent job if I do say so *Smile*.



Over & Out


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