Home Sense & Stuff For My Apartment

So yesterday I went to one of my favorite home stores for home stuff. In Canada its called Home Sense and in the U.S. its called Home Goods. I love this store because you can get great things at great prices.

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The first thing I love is my new hallway carpet runner. I wanted something vibrant and colorful and one of the first things you see when you come into my place. I saw this color and of course loved it and the pattern is nice too.



It was not on sale but it cost about $44 which is not that bad. Its rubber underneath which is good so it wont slide around and it can be vacuumed or put into the wash. I plan to put a mirror at the end of the hall so you can see your self before you head out the door.

Next thing I found was some cutlery which I also got on sale for $19 bucks it was on clearance which is even better. It’s a complete set with neat handles.



I also got a 12 piece spice rack again on sale for only $9.99. And it came filled with 12 different spices so I don’t have to go out and buy any unless I run out. It’s also compact and will fit good in my small kitchen.



I also managed to pick up two 4 box sets of drinking glasses which were on clearance for only $5. The bottom of the glasses have these neat almost thumb prints around the glass which makes it look cool and smart.


And the last thing I bought was an air tight container for Diva’s dog food. So I can store it and it makes feeding her easy for me. Again I got this at a great price too at $9.99



So those are a few things I have recently bought. Of course I have other things to get and will update as I go along.

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “Home Sense & Stuff For My Apartment

    1. I can spend a good hour or so looking at things. The best part is they always have new things so you never know what you may find. 🙂

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