Flowing thoughts


Nerves are always running through me, Thoughts and thinking just always flow they never stop they just keep going. Moving soon but have to wait to get my keys but I want them now NOW. but I have to wait Wait. I love being much thinner I really love it like a lot like I never want to be fat again AGAIN. Ever ever never ever again.

I love the sun the warmth of the sun on my skin and the snow is melting my favorite thing is when the sun comes and melts the snow . I don’t love winter not in the least bit if anything I hate winter but I also don’t love summer just the warm weather but not to hot just right you know what I mean? I know what you mean haha and yet I do haha or lol but there is no smile on my face. Sometimes I do haha or lol because I don’t know what to say but then sometimes I do it because I really did laugh out loud. Do you ever do that type something just for the sake of it?. Well DO YA hmm.

I use to just write random things on paper before the internet was huge and everyone just typed on their key boards. Instead we used pens and paper or pencils. Creative writing they call it or random thoughts which ever call it what you want I don’t care. I hate my face not in the sense of I hate it but I hate having acne I thought I finally kicked it away but no such luck and I don’t think this acne medicated cream I’ve been using is working at all like I feel it does but then I break out.

I also hate the mirror because sometimes I look at it and go over my face and each bump and I hate and end up staring at my self for 5 or 10 minutes it’s really odd I think I’m odd do you think that’s ODD? Oh wait I don’t care what you think because what you think does not matter what I think you know what I mean ok I know whatever shut up now Okay ttyl can we say random thoughts crazy.

Come on vogue go with the flow, that’s what it’s for Madonna is playing on my ipod musics pumping you’re a super star come on vogue

I can’t believe that I am moving soon I’m kind of freaking out a little its like every few months I would call the housing registry about where I was on the waiting list and each time they would either say try back in a few months or sorry nothing yet. 7 years I have been doing that. This is my second offer the first one was a dive bachelor apartment heck there was one closet in the whole place and it had a hot water tank in it. And time and time again my folks and I said it would be perfect if I could get a one bedroom and bam I get this apartment.

I’m so very very happy about this. It makes me feel amazing to be honest with you that I got this place almost like to good to be true type thing. But really it comes down to timing I truly believe everything happens for a reason and this just must be the perfect time for me to get this apartment. Everything is falling into place and my check list of the things I want for my self are being completed.

I have four things on my wish list for my self.

1. Get a cute small dog, Check

2. Get a cute boyfriend that Loves me, Check

3. Get a cute small apartment, Check Though it’s not a super tiny apartment it is small but perfect for me.

4. Get a cute small job, Though it’s no longer for a clothing boutique that kind of retail on my feet all day is not something I care for. Maybe something with Animals or something.

The job thing I’m not to worried about right now. I have 3 out of the four on my wish list. Everything will fall into place like its suppose to with in due time.

So the family reunion that was to take place this summer is no longer happening. Many of the extended family members can’t make it or just don’t want to and there for that is no longer happening. I’m not really sure if we will even go to the east coast now just my family which to be honest with you, fucking sucks the big one. I was really looking forward to it. One last family vaca but who knows what the plans will be if one even happens. I sure hope so though it would be nice. So we shall see what happens with that.

Okay so this creative writing turned into a somewhat blog post near this ending but whatever I guess it’s all the same right its writing and it’s getting my thoughts out there. And that’s the best part about blogging or writing or whatever is to get the feelings that are going through your head out there so its less crap inside.

PS I’m loving Kelly Clarkson’s new album Piece By Piece the Deluxe Version I really love albums when it has the Deluxe because you get more music for your buck. Any who so glad she came out with a new album, Love every song on it.

Also I heard Madonnas new album I don’t love it in fact there are only a few songs I like and the rest of it I don’t care for. I miss her old stuff but that is just me.

Okay I’m done lol this was fun but back to normal blogging for me.

Was it to crazy for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Over & Out


3 thoughts on “Flowing thoughts

  1. Stream-of-consciousness writing, that’s another word for it. I love doing it, and it does work best I think with a pen and paper. It’s a great way to just get the thoughts out and flowing!

  2. Oh and I also do it when something is really bothering me that I can’t figure out quite what it is. I just write whatever comes into my head and often I realize what is really wrong!

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