Madonna’s New Album Rebel Heart



Last week I decided to preview the album on iTunes before buying it and to be honest I was not super thrilled with it. I liked a few tracks but decided not to buy it. And till today. I thought I should get the album and give each track a chance. Because you never know if your going to love an album. I did buy the deluxe version because for a few bucks more you might as well get your money’s worth and you get more music.

I have to say I rather enjoy the whole album. It’s also neat that some tracks she references old songs from past albums. I really enjoyed that. Also each song is totally different from one another which I also enjoyed as well. Of course I’ll always be a sucker for her older songs because when I hear Like A Prayer it brings me back  to High School. And Erotica brings me back as well and so many other songs. But this album is pretty unique and very much different from the past few albums she has put out and if anything I think I may like it more than her past two albums which says a lot.

I rate this album five stars out of five. If you get the deluxe album on iTunes you get 19 tracks which I think is well worth it. I do however wish it came with some music videos like what Beyoncé did but nonetheless I’m happy it’s been added to my music library.

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