Shop Till You Drop is Under Rated

Today my mother and I went out to do some shopping mainly for my new apartment. The statement above is so true I’m exhausted from shopping. We left the house in the morning around say 10:30am and got home around 4pm with a stop for lunch.

I bought a ton of stuff today and I’m still not done though we did pick up smaller items then bigger. I managed to get the perfect size and color mirror for my front hall. Its silver framed with the main mirror in the middle and then small mirror around the edges. See photo below.


You can sorta see the color of my love seat in it as well my area rug. I also found the perfect 3 photo frame for my apartment which is perfect I plan to have a photo of my family in the top one, a photo of my boyfriend and I in the middle and then a photo of Miss Diva on the bottom. See photo below.



I also picked up these great fabric baskets one for Divas dog toys and the other for my front hall closet to put winter hats and things into on the top shelf. They are really nice tho I did not take photo’s of them just yet. I also got more kitchen things. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take some snap shots of the other things I picked up. I also got a purple pot. Some seat cushions and a crap load of other things lol.

I also went to the Dollar store and picked up a bunch of things like a mini sewing kit. Which will come in handy. Oh and yesterday I bought a small 180 piece first aids kit. For those small emergencies. Any who I’m beat tired so I’ll come back in the following days and update with more photo’s of things.

Over & Out


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