Hate Yo Face Tuesday


I’m really talking about my face and the simple fact I’m dealing with adult acne. At the moment it looks like a connect the dots lalala on my face it’s super not pretty and I feel the medicated acne cream that I have been using since last summer is not working like it should be. The cream Im talking about is  Stieva-A. I also have a very hard time not to pop the zits and yaya I already know that is not good to do but when you suffer from OCD it’s hard not to do it. Also this medicated cream is to un clog the pores but the black heads I have on my nose is a tad annoying because I will remove them just to have those same ones clog back up.

I need to see the dermatologist again and see if there is something else out there that will work. Besides this cream and the anti biotics she had prescribed to me I can’t take because it makes me sick. The messed up thing about the cream is that sometimes my face clears up but then I get a break out like nobody’s business lol.

My family doctor told me its the best cream out there that is medicated for acne. But honestly I don’t find that it works all that great. Ugh having acne sucks and having adult acne sucks even more. Anyone have any suggestions ?. What has worked or not worked for all of you? Feel free and let me know in he comments.

Over & Out


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