A Winter / Spring Walk



The photo above is from last fall. But today its sunny and decent enough out where the roads are pretty much dry so I was able to walk all three pooches. My dog Diva is on the far left. Sasha is in the middle and Sophie is on the right which our my parents two dogs. Sasha just turned 1 year a few days ago and I think Sophie is turning 3 this summer.

Last year Sasha for whatever reason hated getting ready to go walking she would run away and bark before leaving the house. But today she was perfectly fine. She came right over and let me put her harness on. She did not bark when leaving the house she was very good.

Diva basically jumps up for me to put her collar on and harness. And Sophie gets all excited too. It was a nice walk though walking against the wind is not so nice because it’s still cold here but walking with the wind it’s not to bad.

It was a short walk maybe 15 or so minutes but it was good. Might as well get them walking and I get some exercise too so its a win win all around.

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2 thoughts on “A Winter / Spring Walk

  1. Unless the 3 dogs get along very well, a 3-way coupler is generally way too constraining. Especially for male dogs that need to do their business in their well-known way. We found a much better way in/with our 3-dog 3-leash UTurn handle. It gives each dog much more space and it’s a godsend when you have 3 master tanglers or at least one untrained dog on the team.

    1. My dog and my parents two dogs are all female and it works for us, I never found anything as a uturn handle if I had I would of bought that lol

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