Updating All Your Accounts


There is one thing I hate about moving and that is having to go around to all the websites you have you’re address on and updating everything. I just updated my credit card info by calling them and asking how to do it. Since I’m moving less than a month away.

The website I looked a few weeks ago but did not find anything. And those info boxes confuse me. So I called the 1-800 number and they were so kind to change my mailing address to my new one for me. I’m confused on what to put in the address because it’s been ages since I have lived in an apartment.

I think I now know what to put you do Apt number and then the address. The one thing I hate the most about moving is changing the address to the new one. Though funny enough I know the new postal code because its easy to remember so that is helpful.

Any who now I have my credit crap figured out and changed. Now I just have the pleasure to change my other stuff such as banking and crap yippy. NOT haha

Over & Out


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